5 reasons why to purchase from MyCarsFirst

The idea behind mycarfirst.com is to provide a new and different online platform that offers an alternative to the conventional and existing online platforms in Car Care, our new solution is based on simplicity, uniqueness, and a more clear experience.

Want to know how? These are the 5 main reasons why to purchase from mycarsfirst.com

1. Unique  Offering 

Mycarsfirst.com offers a unique range of brands and products in the marketplace. There is no other online store with such a variety of both product types and world-leading brands.

From the most sophisticated and renowned handmade Zymol Paste Wax, made entirely from natural ingredients, to products manufactured from the latest Formula 1 Williams Racingceramic coating technology. Not to forget the full range of revolutionary SuperWrap’s vinyl paints that offer high gloss in just a single application. Products for your cars’ exterior or interior, for professional application to everyday use; you will find an extensive selection of brands and products in our online platform.

2. Easy purchase, faster delivery

With the large range of products in the car care market, we understand that choosing the right product for your needs is a hard task. At Mycarfirst.com, we have set up a simple, clear, and intuitive online platform to make the purchasing process as easy as possible. 

We aim to prepare and ship your orders the same days that those are received, and we provide a flat fee of transport policy across Europe for all orders above 50 EUR (Inc. VAT).

3. Direct purchase with no intermediaries 

At mycarsfirst.com our company policy is to deal directly with the manufacturer. This allows securing competitiveness and improved costings that can be passed to our customers 

This is relevant on high value items upon which financial commitment is important for consumers and professionals. We also ensure that we are competitive in the medium / low end market where the large volume nature of the market requires a competitive offering.

4. International focus

Mycarfirst.com is conceived to serve customers in the International markets. Logistics, customer service, and technical support are in line to provide the maximum service no matter the end country.

We can supply to every single location in Continental Europe with our International Parcel Service partners including GLS, FedEx, and DHL.

Additionally, our customer service can communicate in the main European languages including English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and German.

5. Multi-product & channel management 

Mycarsfirst.com’s aim is to deliver products and services for both the end consumer as well as the professional client. In both cases, clients can create their personal accounts in order to accommodate the information and needs to order their purchases.

Plus, those clients with registered accounts will benefit from promotional activities, coupons and special discounts and date-specific offers. Moreover, professional clients have a range of discounts on products and dedicated terms and conditions to meet each individual customer’s requirements.

The best way of experiencing the benefits of trusting Mycarsfirst.com is by trying it out yourself! Begin by creating your personal account and start discovering the car care market leading brands and products. 

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