If you are a car seller, you will be interested in detailing

Are you familiar with the term 'detailing'? Well, if you are a car seller, this will surely be of interest to you. So, why you should this word become part of your everyday vocabulary? Well, there's nothing like keeping up-to-date in order to increase sales and sales opportunities... marketing in its purest form. 

And if you are not a professional car seller, but you do want to sell your car, we believe this article will also be of interest to you. So, let's start those engines!

Definition of detailing

Detailing refers to the fine tuning of a vehicle down to the smallest detail: keeping it clean, shiny and in the best possible condition in order to make it that much faster and easier to sell. 

Detailing guarantees that an older vehicle with some mileage on it will still look and feel beautiful and in good condition. It will catch and please the eye, much like the reddest apples do when we see them in the produce section. There is nothing that inspires confidence in a vehicle's reliability more than a car in good condition that pleases the eye.

To this end,  there are a number of key tips to follow if you want to be a great salesperson. Read on to learn more.

The guidelines to proper detailing

Did you know that by eliminating defects and restoring many of the vehicle's materials, you can increase the value of the vehicle by up to 15%? So much so that many businesses dedicated to buying and selling, including dealerships, already devote time and careful attention to detailing, which they use to restore their vehicles to perfect condition. In fact, there are a number of specialized courses that are guaranteed to provide you with the right kind of knowledge to serve you well.

For our part, we offer you a series of guidelines to follow:

  1. Cleaning the exterior. As we all know, maintaining a clean car body and overall exterior is key. The first step is to thoroughly remove all dirt, being careful not to forget areas such as the wheels and rims.

  2. Cleaning and conditioning the engine. You also need to do a give the engine a thorough cleaning, so as to leave it looking like new. You will be sure to notice the difference.

  3. Cleaning the interior. When a person considers buying a car, he or she does not only look at the exterior, so you must also make sure the interior looks as brand new as the exterior. Be sure to remove dust and bad odours (for example, tobacco smoke tends to impregnate materials such as upholstery), and leave the seats, windows and dashboard clean and pristine.

  4. Restoration of leather upholstery. Leather is very elegant but it can deteriorate over time, which is why it is important to restore the seats, knobs, steering wheel and all those areas which feature leather. Reupholstering is not the only solution. There are a number of innovative dyeing techniques that can be used to leave leather looking like new.

  5. Polish. Sometimes it is not necessary to repaint the car. A good polishing job is often enough to leave the paint job shiny and free of scratches and damage. Restoring its original brightness can be done quickly and easily.

  6. Shine. In addition to polishing, there is nothing like giving the vehicle a spectacular shine using special products such as waxes or sealants which also provide the vehicle with protection against environmental and other external factors such as dust, insects, etc. As you probably already know, ceramic or coating treatments are at the forefront of shine technology; have a look at our website, where you will find these high-end products. They will surprise you!

  7. Restoring headlamps. Headlamps are, of course, important, so it is vital that they are in perfect condition.

Essential maintenance products

Once it is set just right, the vehicle will require maintenance every now and then so that it remains in the best possible condition. So, to that end, what products do we recommend you buy?

  • Dry cleaner or quick detail: perfect for removing dust or fingerprints.

  • APC (universal cleaner): effectively removes undesirable stains from the vehicle.

  • Window cleaner: this product is a must if you want to keep the windows sparkling clean. Otherwise, even when a vehicle is not being used, an unattractive off-white film tends to accumulate on the windows. 

  • Tyre conditioner: to keep tyres in perfect condition, it is strongly recommended that you apply a good tyre conditioner to them on a regular basis.

  • Air freshener: they come in a wide variety of types and scents, from intense to floral, or fruity ... Here at MyCarsFirst, we recommend subtle fragrances rather than overpoweringly sweet ones. They are sure to work well.

As to the question of doing it yourself or hiring a professional, it all depends on your need: are you selling your own car or are you a professional car salesperson? Just a couple of recommendations:

  • If you choose to hire a professional, make sure they fit the bill, that they meet your needs and expectations, and, of course, that they have been properly trained.

  • If you decide to do it yourself, make absolutely sure the work area you choose to condition the vehicle allows you to work efficiently and comfortably, and that you buy solid products such as those that we have recommended above.

And... Keep on enjoying your driving!

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