How to apply water repellent correctly

Do you know how important it is to buy a good water repellent for your car? Water repellent products contain, among other substances, certain types of acrylic resins or transparent polymers that, after adhering to the glass, fill the pores to form a thin film that manages to resist the weather until it eventually disappears by itself (for which the water repellent would have to be reapplied). 

The way it works is quite simple: the water slides over the film, the visibility improves, especially in extreme weather conditions. 

But, let's now look at how to apply water repellent correctly and some of its star features.

How to apply water repellent

Water repellent is a type of product that can be applied by expert hands in any garage or by the vehicle user himself/herself. The truth is that this does not require any difficulty as long as the instructions for use are followed and there is a well-lit place to carry it out. 

The steps to apply it could not be simpler. Here they are in the form of a brief summary, so that you don't miss anything and can get the maximum benefit from the water repellent:

  1. Pre-cleaning. As with other products, before using the water repellent it is necessary to clean the windscreen very well, for which we can use other types of specific products. Once perfectly clean, we must dry the area well using a leather or paper cloth, which is ideal for this purpose. Keep in mind that if we have cleaned the windscreen with a windscreen cleaner, drying will be quite fast, we will not have to wait too long, but if we have done it in the traditional way with water, soap and a sponge, we will have to wait a little more. In this point, from MyCarsFirst, we recommend a window cleaner as today's products are more than effective and their results, totally optimal.
  2. Spray on the water repellent. Once the entire area is dry, the next step is to spray the water repellent on a cloth and rub the glass in circles or apply it directly to the glass and then rub it in. There is something that you must take into account: it is important that the product is well spread over the entire surface, be patient and do not forget it, otherwise, the result will not be the same.
  3. Drying time. In this step you have to let the product dry well, it is a fundamental step.
  4. Remove the excess. Finally. Now it's time to remove the excess product with another clean cloth (by the way, we love microfibre cloths because of their many qualities), with or without the help of water...and that's it! The windscreen is now in perfect condition for rain and shine.

And how long can its effect last? If you choose well, you can forget about it for 5 to 6 months. Here are a few tips to help you make the best possible choice, because it's not just the technique that matters, but also the product itself. 

Find the best water repellents at MyCarsFirst 

Have you already tried the NANOX glass treatment? Thanks to nanotechnology, you will see clearer and clearer than ever before, we can assure you of that. In addition, the water-drip technology is able to repel rain, sleet and snow, increasing safety by reducing glare and preventing snow, ice and sleet. 

McLaren's glass cleaner is superb, and its innovative formula does not leave streaks on surfaces. Did you know you can use it on glass, plastics and mirrors? It is a real breakthrough at the cutting edge of technology.

Last but not least, DoctorWax's foaming glass treatment can clean and polish mirrors and any other glass surface that requires it in a single step. You'll be pleased to know that it doesn't make a mess, leave no residue or marks. 

Well, here you have everything you need to know to apply the water repellent and to choose the products that best suit your needs. And if you have any doubts, you know... you can ask us a question or try the ones that catch your attention because we are sure that if you search among the best ones, you will end up finding something good...

And... Keep on enjoying driving!

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