Superwrap is the industry’s leading sprayable vinyl wrap, available in DIY aerosol and Ready-To-Spray gallons. Superwrap pioneered one-step gloss finishes straight from the can, with over 30 colors including metallics. 


LiquidShield is a sprayable vinyl-based alternative to traditional laminated paint and headlight protection strips. Available in a DIY aerosol, it offers safe and durable protection for traditional paint finishes, plastics and headlights.

Superwrap and Liquidshield were the first industry sprayable vinyl wrap, After years of research and development, we introduced the industry’s first sprayable vinyl wrap. Our unique technology combines the best of both worlds to meet the needs of enthusiasts; the high quality of vinyl with the ease of application in a sprayable form.

In recent years and with the increase of car personalisation, Superwrap has grown in popularity, especially the Superwrap Gloss Black variation that responds to the black trim trend from original equipment manufacturing. This new trend reduces the chrome aesthetic from the car for an increase gloss black finish that gives a more contemporary, premium and sporty look.  Top-end manufacture such as BMW-M Series, Audi-RS and Mercedes-AMG are prime examples that deliver the good in the black-trim finish as original.

Product main features 

  • Durable
  • High Gloss
  • Easy to apply
  • Easy to peel
  • Smooth & even quality finish
  • Self healing
  • Chemical resistance
  • UV Protection 

Guide of how to apply Superwap & Liquidshield in 10 easy steps

  1. Wash the surface with soap and wipe dry.
  2. Apply Superwrap & Liquidshield Prep Spray for decontamination and remove the prep spray once applied, do not leave it on the surface for more than 1 minute.
  3. Mask with tape the surrounding areas not to be applied.
  4. Check your Colour application guide to select the base and colour spray needed for the application (only applicable for Superwrap).
  5. Shake the sprays for 1m before application.
  6. Apply the first coat lightly and with little product to achieve the impregnation effect.
  7. Wait 12-15m between coats, the longer the gap the better the application will be
  8. Progressively apply more product in each coat and apply 5 initial coats (called base coats).
  9. Apply another 5 coats of colour (for Superwrap applications only).
  10. Once you completed the 10 coats, let stand the products for at least 12-18h before driving away.

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