The advantages of using liquid vinyl

Nowadays, when we like, we can give our homes a new look with a change of curtains and linens, accessories and decor... and the same is true, of course, when it comes to our cars. Did you know that there is a type of paint called liquid vinyl which allows you to change your car's look quickly and efficiently? 

Liquid vinyl is a paint that you can apply to your vehicle and then remove when it no longer suits you. Just like that, your car can look totally new and in sync with the times.

The pros of liquid vinyl

Before we go any further, you should know that there are a number of tutorials and videos which explain how to apply liquid vinyl to your car. With just one click, you have access to advice and tips from multiple sources, all of which will help you achieve perfect results. 

Even so, we at MyCarsFirst are going to give you our own recommendations and accompany you as we explore the cutting edge frontier of the automotive world. So read on, you don't want to miss a thing - let`s start those engines!

  • Easy application. One of the greatest advantages of using liquid vinyl is how easy it is to apply to your vehicle. Furthermore, it comes off completely, so if you make a mistake while applying it you can remove it quickly, for that perfect result. Few paints on the market can offer you such ease, so if you're still thinking about it, hesitate no longer. Today, bringing that brand new look to your car is within everyone's reach.

  • Vinyl: complete evolution. Surely until now, when you heard the word 'vinyl' you imagined those adhesive sheets that gave any vehicle that modern touch, right? Well, that system does not suit everyone, so now there are liquid vinyl products that can be applied directly to the body of your car with an aerosol or spray gun. This is quite an advantage: imagine, now you can apply liquid vinyl to your dashboard to hide imperfections or give it a totally different touch. And if you get tired of the colour? No problem. Because liquid vinyl dries quickly and turns into a rubber, you don't have to wait long to remove it easily, safely and conveniently.

  • A thousand colours to choose from. Vinyl material was originally developed as a type of electrical insulator, and it came in two colours: red and black. Today, however, new uses of vinyl have led to a greatly expanded range of colours to choose from. Do you like dark green but never dared try it? Well, now you can go ahead and indulge yourself. Now, if you apply it but then discover it doesn't suit you, or if you simply get tired of it, you can remove it any time you like.

  • Covers a wide variety of surfaces. Another advantage of liquid vinyl, and an aspect we love, is how you can apply it to specific parts of the car such as mirrors, rim and so much more. Even, in fact, the entire bodywork. Furthermore, you should know that liquid vinyl is an ideal solution for when you want to give your home furniture and appliances a unique touch. 

  • It won't wipe out your monthly budget. Liquid vinyl offers many advantages, as we have said, but one of the biggest advantages is that it is inexpensive, so go ahead and indulge yourself - you won't break the bank on this one! For example, to give you an idea, a can of spray containing around 400 ml of product costs about 14 euros (12 pounds). Are you surprised it costs so little? This is one super-affordable luxury that makes it possible for you to give your car a complete make-over.

  • Benefits, and not only in terms of aesthetics. In addition to giving your car a make-over, liquid vinyl also protects it against water, humidity and electric shocks, as it is an ideal insulator. When you use liquid vinyl, inclement weather and rough road conditions are no longer a problem. 

  • A variety of designs for every taste. Everyone has their own tastes and needs. That is why liquid vinyl designs come in a wide variety, so that you can choose the one that suits you best. They also come in a variety of matte tones, to accentuate the make-over you have given your car.

Here are a few tips to ensure proper application.

  • First, a thorough cleaning. As is the case with other products applied to surfaces, you must first clean car surfaces thoroughly before applying liquid vinyl to them. Removing all dirt beforehand guarantees an optimal result. For this task, use the Superwrap preparation spray to eliminate all common paint contaminants such as silicone, wax, polish, dirt and grease. 

  • Protect. Are there areas of your car that you don't want to paint? Be sure to carefully cover them with paper beforehand. That way, you will avoid ruining the final result.

  • And paint. For best results, apply the product using long passes and at a good, steady pace. The first coat of paint you apply should be thin, in order to provide a solid foundation that adheres to surfaces. Then go on to apply a second coat. For the most thorough results, 6 coats of paint are recommended, with a wait time of 10-15 minutes between coats. 

As you can see, it is not necessary to buy another car when what you want is a change of aesthetics and the chance to show your car off a bit. If you do try it, please share a before and after shot of your vehicle. We love seeing the cool modifications you can achieve with liquid vinyl!

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