Seven basic points that are essential to the care of your car

As a result, we want to take better care of our cars, to give them all the attention they need, so they are safe to drive and well-cared for. As innovation continues to bring about powerful on- and off-road vehicles, the same can be said for the products used to take care of them: from foams and polishing waxes to disinfectants capable of eliminating practically all bacteria in both the interior and exterior of the vehicles. To discover all the secrets needed to keep your car as new as the day you bought it, you must keep reading, because with a small, basic kit you can be king or queen of the road. Which leaves you free to get back to enjoying the simple pleasures of driving!

A basic kit that will never leave you in need.

1.- Shampoo with concentrated shine.

The finish on the materials that make up your vehicle's exterior requires special products to keep it in perfect condition. There are many options on the market today that can be safely used on a wide variety of surfaces including metal, paint, plastic, rubber or ceramic materials, and many of these products are free of unwanted phosphates. Not only will they leave the body of your car as good as new, they will restore the shine your vehicle's finish had when you first bought it. Are you already familiar with the DoctorWax brand foamy car wash? It comes in an economy-size container that allows you to keep your vehicle clean, always, without having to pay a lot. Give it a try - you will be happy you did!

2.- Tire polish

For some reason, we often seem to overlook our tires. Thanks to Nanox and its nanotechnology-based tire polishing product, you will restore optimal condition to your tires in record time, thanks to its nanopolymer and antioxidant based formula. In addition, your vehicle's exterior rubber and plastic parts will be doubly revitalized and completely protected against cracks. Another star product already waiting for you on our website!

3.- All Wheel Cleaner

Speaking of tires, we must not forget the rims, which are continually exposed to inclement weather and harsh environmental factors such as mud, dust and dirt, all of which ends up adhering to the wheels and leaving your vehicle looking drab and neglected. The new Nanox brand wheel cleaner removes grease and dirt so thoroughly that not even the smallest speck of dirt will remain. In addition, it is exceptionally versatile: its light texture allows you to use it on all types of rims, whether they are aluminum, lacquered or chrome.

4.- Rubbing

Compound for your car's body. Have you washed your vehicle, but the paint looks faded? With the DoctorWax car body rubbing compound you can revitalize even the most worn and damaged areas. This product not only manages to eliminate even the faintest stains, leaving surfaces smooth to the touch and to the eye, it also manages to eliminate deep set rust. And, without a doubt, the quality-to-price ratio is simply unbeatable. In fact, once you have tried it, you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

5.- Glass cleaner.

McLaren offers a special treatment for glass and headlamps that also includes a water repellent technology that eliminates the challenges and threats that rain, snow or sleet can cause. It is the perfect option if you want to improve the appearance of your vehicle and ensure good visibility while driving.

6.- Bug and Tar Remover.

As summer approaches, we can anticipate more frequent trips to the countryside or the beach, which means an increase in the amount of dirt, tar and insect debris that builds up on our vehicle's exterior surfaces. Thanks to the McLaren formula, this cleaner will come very much in handy when you need to remove all that annoying buildup, and in the blink of an eye. This product is essential, especially in good weather, but of course you can use it year-round.

7.- Leather Cleaner and Conditioner.

If you insist on a top quality finish, NANOX offers one of its most revolutionary products, one that magically leaves leather looking and feeling incredibly soft and natural. This leather cleaner and conditioner is esay to apply, and it will hydrate and repair every nook and cranny of your upholstery while offering protection against harmful UV rays. Do not forget the glove compartment or the steering wheel - every area of your car deserves protection!

As you can see, at MyCarsFirst we offer an incredible, diverse range of brands and essential products that will make your day to day so mush easier and make traveling so much more pleasant. We have only mentioned a few by name (and these, by the way, can be found on our website), but there are so many more. We believe that it is well worth taking 5 minutes to guarantee the health and safety of your car and of your loved ones. Well-being and safety have never been more united ...

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