The importance of clean and polished headlamps

Car headlights are the main element of visibility, especially at night. The deterioration or poor care of the headlights of our vehicle will not only jeopardize our own safety, but also that of other drivers.

Headlight protection is key

The headlights do not deteriorate by breaking, but by losing transparency and clarity. As the headlights are covered by a thin polycarbonate plastic, they are more resistant than glass, but are also susceptible to losing efficiency sooner. Different ways of losing effectiveness are: the sun, temperature changes, and the passing of time. The front headlights are the ones that suffer the most, since they lead the vehicle, and are the first contact with external factors such as sand or gravel on the road, or even possible collisions with other vehicles or objects. Liquid Shield Headlight Protector is the world's first aerosol paint protection film developed for headlights, which will help them last longer, cleaner and polished.

Cleaning & treating damaged headlights

Polishing and cleaning the headlights is seen as a task for car repair shots, since the driver usually finds out about the loss of visibility when passing the ITV. With Doctor Wax's Headlight Restoration Kit, it is easier than ever to have the headlights ready to avoid any penalty in the ITV, and above all and most importantly, to be ready for the darkest days in autumn-winter. This treatment will help your headlights stay well cared for on a daily basis, although it is important not to forget that a professional should look at them from time to time, to ensure everyone's safety on the road. The Doctor Wax kit will help smooth out minor abrasions on headlights, eliminate haze and yellowing caused by temperature changes and the sun, increase visibility for the driver and be visible to other drivers. This particular kit is easy to use and also includes an applicator for even simpler use. You will notice the change after just one application.

If you are simply interested in keeping the headlights clean and leave the polishing to the professionals, McLaren’s Glass Cleaner is easily applied by spraying the headlight (glass, mirror or plastic), and with a clean cloth spreading it over the surface, leaving a crystal-clear finish.

Remember that headlights should always be well polished for the safety of everyone on the road.

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