How to safely clean your tyre rims

Like most people, you have probably wondered about how best to clean your car rims. After all, they tend to accumulate a lot of dirt, especially if you use your vehicle every day. That's why we at MyCarsFirst would like to share some key tips to help you keep your tyres clean, shiny and looking brand new. 

A few initial tips

Rims and tyres tend to collect a lot of dirt and dust from the brake pads, which generate pulverised brake pad material through normal use.

At the same time, they are one of the most visible and delicate parts of the car, so when they look bad they can detract from the overall aesthetics of your vehicle and negatively impact the safety that tyres in perfect conditions would otherwise provide. Therefore, we would like to offer a few tips that are easy to put into practice, so that you don't miss a thing.

  • Cleaning the rims: step 1. If you have decided to give your car a thorough cleaning, this should be your first step. It makes sense: it is best to clean the dirtiest parts first, where the most dirt and dust have accumulated, so that when you move on to cleaning other parts of your car you reduce the chances of causing any splatter that could end up ruining all your work.

  • Keep work surfaces cool and in the shade. When cleaning these delicate parts of your car it is best to park your car in the shade, or where heat is not an issue. Excessive heat, in addition to being uncomfortable, can also cause our cleaning products to dry out too quickly, yielding less than perfect results.

Remember, these tips serve not only to keep the most visible parts of your car beautiful and shiny, but also to keep it in good condition overall. As we always say: keeping your car in good condition is essential to improving your safety on the road. 

A thorough but simple process

And now, let's roll up our sleeves and get to work. Here, step by step, is the cleaning ritual we recommend:

  1. Remove the rims? That depends on how dirty they are and on how thorough a cleaning we have planned. If they are especially dirty, we recommend you spend a bit more time and take them off, one at a time. That way, you can get to those hard to reach places and hidden parts and give them a thorough cleaning. Apart from this, the cleaning process is similar in both cases.

  2. Soaking the rims. We recommend this in order to remove the most superficial dirt and stains. This will soften even the toughest dirt and dust, and it makes the cleaning that follows much easier. Sometimes, however, stuck-on dirt may be too sticky and too deep. In this case, we recommend using a more specific product such as a rim cleaner. Just spray it directly on the dry rims, and then soak them. You will notice the difference. Remember: the drying times set for each product are important and should be observed. Otherwise, if you leave it on for less time than recommended, the results will not be the same. 

  3. Rim brush. Once the rim cleaner has been applied, you will need a suitably sized brush to clean between the spokes, where a lot of dirt also accumulates. 

  4. Shampoo for your car's body. Now is when you can apply the shampoo you use regularly to finish removing all the dirt from the rims. If the rims are not too dirty, it may not be necessary to use a rim cleaner. In that case, you can apply car body shampoo directly. 

  5. Screws and recesses. There is nothing like using a small brush with soft bristles to complete our cleaning and leave the rims in pristine condition, looking like new. With the help of a little shampoo and a good amount of water to finish the cleaning process, your work is almost finished. Use a microfibre cloth to dry the rims and avoid unwanted drops that otherwise can leave marks on rim surfaces.

  6. Apply sealant to the rims. As a final step, apply this product in order to provide a protective film which prevents dust from the brake pads from accumulating on rim surfaces. In addition, the finish will be even more spectacular, making your job easier the next time you decide to clean your rims. 

Recommended products

We here at MyCarsFirst recommend the DoctorWax tire and rim shine, which is also available as a foam, as well as the NANOX tire and rim cleaner and NANOX tire shine, compositions based on a nanotechnology innovation that ensures these parts of your car will come out thoroughly clean and with an unbeatable shine. 

For greater protection, and taking into account the times we live in, we also recommend that you use disposable gloves throughout the process as well as clothing (preferably old) that can be washed with hot water immediately afterwards. Remember, you must also wear a proper mask, in optimal condition, at all times, and avoid touching your face, of course. Your safety and that of your loved ones always comes first.

And, of course, one last tip... Keep on enjoying your driving!

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