Carpet & upholstery

Carpet & upholstery

Nanotechnology Fabric & Carpet Cleaner

Nanox® Fabric and Carpet cleaner effectively removes most food and grease-based stains Stubborn stain remover Pet-friendly Safe for all fabrics
Carpet & upholstery

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner

DoctorWax® upholstery & Carpet Cleaner gently lifts dirt and debris from upholstery, carpeting and vinyl. The quick cleaning formula restores colour and brightness Smart foaming formula Lifts dirt on contact Citrus scent  Powerful stain remover  Cleans and deodorizes
Carpet & upholstery

Foaming Carpet Cleaner (Aerosol)

DoctorWax® Foaming Upholstery & Carpet Cleaners brighten, protect and restore carpets, upholstery, vinyl and plastic Advance Smart Foam ASF® Lifts dirt on contact  Removes stubborn stains  Contains FadeStop® UV protection  Handy scrub brush for deep cleaning  Professional results  Cleans and deodorizes  Floral forest scent
Carpet & upholstery

Fabric Interior Cleaner

Cleans, fabrics, upholstery, interior carpets and fabric mats. An efficient and effective interior cleaner that is safe to use on all interior fabrics. Spray on fabric cleaner to help remove stains and marks from automotive fabric. Item Net content: 500ml.
Carpet & upholstery

Dashboard Cleaner - 500ml

Much more than just a dashboard cleaner, makes quick work of all interior surfaces. Advanced formula that cleans and conditions with one application. Restores interior blacks, plastics and interior surfaces to a new car look. Dashboard cleaner with built in UV protector. Item Net content: 500ml.
Carpet & upholstery


Heat, cold, washing and exposure to solvent-based cleaners and run-of-the-mill treatments damage the finish of your vinyl upholstery and vinyl trim. Some vinyl manufacturing methods use formaldehyde as the base. Introducing solvent or formaldehyde-based treatments can accelerate vinyl deterioration by changing the original chemical balance. Zymol Vinyl...
Carpet & upholstery


Zymol Vinyl Cleaner is specially formulated to remove tough soils from rubber and vinyl quickly and completely. Produced with Castile (Olive Oil) soaps and Aloe Vera, this Ph balanced formula safely cleans and restores the beauty to soiled interior or exterior rubber and vinyl.
Carpet & upholstery


Caiman DC Fabric Cleaner is an ultra-high concentrate interior detergent that is suitable for use on all private and commercial vehicles.  This is a fabric cleaner that makes quick work of cleaning all types of interior upholstery, interior carpets and fabric mats.  Due to its high level of concentrate, it can be diluted to work on heavily soiled areas...
Carpet & upholstery


Caiman Interior Multi Surface Interior Conditioner Bright & Blitz is a versatile, high-quality multi-surface cleaner that not only cleans all auto interiors but leaves a high gloss and long-lasting finish.  This is a car interior multi-surface cleaner and conditioner that is residue-free and leaves that classic bubblegum fragrance. Its non-stick...
The Caiman Multi Magic Surface Cleaner is super concentrated multi-purpose cleaner, and its versatility makes it suitable for hand or machine use and its ideal for a variety of car care businesses and operations.  It is safe to use on all vehicle surfaces including paintwork, plastics, door shuts, wheels, engine compartments, but can also be used in the...
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