Nanotechnology Carnauba Polish

Nanotechnology Carnauba Polish

VAT included

Nanox® Carnauba Polish takes high gloss and superior shine to a new level. Nano technology polymers and pure carnauba wax offer the ultima wet-shine and long-lasting protection and resilience

  • Unsurpassed shine
  • Clear coat safe
  • Durable finish

Item Net content: 450 ml

Advanced polymers create a two layered approach to treat each surface: The primary layer creates a hardened, protective surface that guards against fading, cracking and peeling. The secondary layer repeals dirt, water and other pollutants to maintain the vehicle's brilliant finish

In-house & unique Nanotechnology formula. The Nanox® products are guaranteed to restore, maintain and protect your vehicle's finish.

Unsurpassed shine / Clear coat safe / Durable finish


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