Williams is one of the world's leading Formula 1 teams. Its sole raison d'être is to compete in motorsport's top class, where it has been winning grand prix races for many years.

It is this spirit that permeates all its products.


Paintwork in time becomes dull and faded. Protect your customers investment with a proven and trusted product. The Williams Racing paint protection leaves a smooth high gloss finish while protecting your vehicle from tree sap and traffic pollutants.

The active ceramic coat formula binds with complex polymers to provide a film depth and hardness unique amongst its competition. 

It increases the hardness of the surface within 24 hours of ceramic coat paint protection being applied. This, in turn, enhances the 'beading' effect so dirt and grime just rolls off.


Since 2015, Williams Racing F1 Team has been formulating a range of high-end, industry-leading chemical paint protection coatings. The Williams Racing synthetic and ceramic coatings are known as one of the leading vehicle paint protection in the market.


Additives for your vehicle: What advantages do they offer?

Additives for your vehicle: What advantages do they offer?

At the time we already brought you the range of McLaren cleaning products. So to complete the care of your car, both inside and out, today we are going to talk about our latest range of items that we have launched to the automotive market from the hand of our trusted brand, McLaren. read more
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