Polishing compounds


All in one process, medium cut polish, high gloss finish.
Odour removal


Caiman fresh odour removal eliminates tobacco, food and pet smells. No matter how old the vehicle is, the formula is strong enough to provide a fresh smell. Provides a long lasting fragrance  Suitable for hand and vacuum applications
Ceramic coat


The specially designed formula Williams Ceramic Coat PLUS has been  specially designed to be multi-layered increasing the thickness and  hardness that has been tested to 10H pencil hardness.


These hand pressed foam over 'no-silicone' foam applicators are perfect for applying all waxes including Zymol.  Having the right applicator is almost as important as the wax itself. That's why you should trust your precious finish to the gentle touch of Zymöl Wax Applicators. They spread an even coat of Zymöl on your paint that makes hand-waxing easy,...

Clear Auto Bathe

A unique combination of pure tallow, pure coconut essence oil conditioners and lemon extracts, this product cleans and cares for your car without the need for sodium or solvents. Zymol Clear Auto Bathe will release and remove surface grime without removing the protective wax layer.
A deep jet black that creates a sleek, blackout look. Gloss Black is a Peelable Sprayable Vinyl Wrap with a High Gloss Finish which is UV, chemical and scratch resistant. It can also be used as a base for darker colors.
Hygiene and disinfection

Stayzsafe Auto Sanitiser Aerosol

Multi Surface sanitiser aerosol. Powerful and rapid action. Suitable for all automotive surfaces. 74 % Ethanol. Conforms to EU Regulation.
NANOX KIT - External &... NANOX KIT - External &... 2
  • Pack
The Nanox® External and Internal Car Cleaning Kit is a comprehensive set with carefully chosen products design to clean your vehicle for private and business purposes. Selection of products for Interior and Exterior use. The solution for the preparation and protection of your vehicle. Working on a molecular level, each formula bonds to the surface to...
DoctorWax® Foaming Engine Degreaser is a heavy duty, professional hi-tech foam formulation containing ASF® Advance Smart Foam technology Advance Smart Foam ASF®  Cleans on contact Easy to use, minimal effort Natural citrus solvent Biodegradable  Refreshing citrus scent
Carpet & upholstery

Nanotechnology Fabric & Carpet Cleaner

Nanox® Fabric and Carpet cleaner effectively removes most food and grease-based stains Stubborn stain remover Pet-friendly Safe for all fabrics
Interior protector

Nanotechnology Interior Protectant

Nanox® Interior Protectant is a non-greasy formula which protects vinyl, rubber and plastic against discoloration and aging. It cleans, renews and restores the natural shine while protecting against UV radiation and oxidation. Non-greasy formula Deep, rich finish UV protection
Leather cleaner & conditioner

Nanotechnology Leather Cleaner & Conditioner

Nanox® Leather Cleaner and Conditioner resulting in a natural, soft finish Nano-polymers penetrate deep into the leather for fade resistance and ultima UV protection In-house & unique Nanotechnology formula Easily to apply Cleans and moisturizes
Glass and Headlight

Nanotechnology Glass Treatment

Nanox® Glass Treatment offers clearer visibility in all weather conditions improving driver comfort and safely. Water beading technology repeals rain, sleet and snow Prevents snow, ice an sleet  Improves visibility  Reduces glare
Nanox® Wash and Wax hybrid formula is the first step to a showroom shine. New nanotechnology cleaning agents remove the toughest dirt and grime without stripping wax High suds formula Water spot resistant It safe to use on all painted surfaces, rubber, vinyl and plastic components
Maintenance & repair

ColorWax with Carnauba Black

Doctor Wax® Carnuba ColorWax™ is easily applied for a dynamic depth and high shine finish. The unique carnauba formula gently corrects pigments, minimizes small chips and scratches and restores rich, vibrant colour. Dynamic depth & reflective shine FadeStop® UV protection Contains natural Carnauba wax Safe on all finishes
Tire & wheel

Nanotechnology Tire Shine

Nanox® Tire Shine rejuvenates and restores the glossy black look of new tires Formulated with the latest nano-polymers and antioxidants, Nanox® Tire Shine protects against UV rays, grime and brake dust which result in cracking and fading Each formula is developed through extensive laboratory and consumer testing. Designed for easy application and maximum...
Polishing compounds


Polymer coating for all automotive clear coats.


Not all towels are created equal. Every vat dyed towel is washed several times by the manufacturer to remove the excess dye. Unfortunately, this leaves the towel looking limp and worn. So, manufacturers then "size" the towel to make it look more attractive and new again. This "sizing" process uses a starch and silicone mixture that will contaminate your...


A very, important second step in protecting your car's finish prior to first time application of wax and for maintaining the lustre throughout the life of ownership. Zymol HD-Cleanse will remove any dead, oxidized paint, light oxidization, moderate scratches, accumulated road film, light tar and acid rain deposits. Zymol HD-Cleanse renews your original...
A pure and pristine white inspired by the crisp color of the snow of the Polar Region. Arctic White is a Peelable Sprayable Vinyl Wrap with a High Gloss Finish which is UV, chemical and scratch resistant. It can also be used as a base for lighter colors.
Hygiene and disinfection

Stayzsafe alcohol hand sanitiser

A Quick acting, no-rinse alcohol hand rub which Includes moisturisers to help minimise skin drying. Proven to kill greater than 99.99 % of bacteria & viruses including Coronavirus. Suitable for frequent use. 73 % Ethanol. Conforms to EU Regulation.
Carpet & upholstery

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner

DoctorWax® upholstery & Carpet Cleaner gently lifts dirt and debris from upholstery, carpeting and vinyl. The quick cleaning formula restores colour and brightness Smart foaming formula Lifts dirt on contact Citrus scent  Powerful stain remover  Cleans and deodorizes
Interior protector

Ultra Protectant

DoctorWax® ULTRA protectant preserves and protects vinyl, plastic and rubber surfaces from cracking, fading and discoloration Non-greasy, streak-free formula  FadeStop® UV protection  Easily removes dust & dirt Protects vinyl, plastic & rubber
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