Avoid mistakes when cleaning your car's interior: 9 mistakes to avoid

When it comes to cleaning your car's interior, there are a number of mistakes that you should avoid due to the possible damage that may result, often without you even being aware. At MyCarsFirst, we understand the importance of a proper, thorough cleaning of your car's interior and of those areas that may be protected from exterior weather conditions but are still impacted by day to day activities that leave behind dust and dirt which accumulate and allow bacteria to thrive and which may become, in turn, possible sources of viruses.

Would you like to know a few key tips to help you make sure you do not overlook anything? If so, read on. Below, we offer a series of simple tips which, once you've put them into practice, will become a permanent part of your cleaning routine. We want your car to be in tip-top condition, but what matters most is your health and that of your loved ones. 

Nine mistakes you must avoid

  1. Upholstery. Have you ever read that using ammonia to clean your car's upholstery will keep it perfectly clean and disinfected? Well, we believe, without a doubt, that this is the first mistake you should avoid making. While it is true that ammonia is indeed very useful, it is not recommended for cleaning your car's upholstery, which is much more delicate than you might imagine.

    This type of product, when over-used, can result in a number of undesirable consequences: discolorations or dulling of colour, physical damage to other materials including various plastics, rubbers or coatings, and collateral damage to your well-being and health, such as unpleasant odours that often impregnate materials and linger and that may even emit vapours that are harmful to our health. 

  2. Cleaning accessories. As you set out to vacuum or clean your car's interior, you are most likely to use a number of accessories to help you get the job done. However, while they may be quite useful, it is best to use them in an appropriate manner, taking care to avoid damaging the mouldings, doors, and other parts composed of materials which are susceptible to scuffs and scratches. The key here is to choose these accessories carefully, to adapt them as much as possible to the characteristics of your car, and to avoid, at all times, vacuuming those places that do not need it. 

  3. Conditioning the dashboard. The dashboard is an essential part of your car, and, as such, it has to be clean and in good condition. We recommend you get advice from a trusted, specialized store and that you purchase quality products that leave the dashboard spotless and well-protected from, for example, harmful UV rays. 

    Furthermore, ideally, your dashboard should be soft and pleasant to the touch, with a perfect matte and with no traces of sticky liquids that might otherwise cause serious damage to the dash that leads to its decomposition. 

  4. Careful with the roof. Sometimes it seems like the most efficient and practical way to clean the roof of your car's interior is by wetting it, and, in fact, we take for granted that it comes out cleaner this way. But the truth is, not only is this a bad idea, it is also a serious mistake.

    If you saturate the roof fabric inside your car or apply too much pressure while dampening it, this will only cause this material to rot and lose its adhesiveness, which, in turn, will eventually result in sagging roof upholstery. What can you do to avoid this? Well, luckily the solution could not be simpler: spray a neutral product onto a microfibre cloth and, taking your time, apply gentle pressure as you use it to clean, until you have achieved the desired results. 

  5. Traditional soaps. These are products intended for a very specific use. In the same way that we would not use a dishwasher to wash our hair, it makes no sense to use a dishwasher or laundry soap to clean our car's upholstery.

    Today we have available many quality products for a variety of uses that, in addition to leaving our car in impeccable condition, can also protect it from possible external damage. 

  6. Microfibre cloths. We have recommended them to you more than once in the past, but it is worth taking a moment to remind you of them once again. Compared to cotton rags that can damage delicate surfaces like the instrument panel, there's nothing like using a good, clean microfibre cloth clean. The key is to take care while cleaning in order to guarantee perfect results.

    The same is true with respect to instrument and navigation screens; people often believe using chemical products to clean them will leave them like new. This, too, is a very common mistake, with serious consequences. Microfibre cloth is once again our best ally. 

  7. Cleaning the car windows. Have you ever cleaned your car windows with soap you found around the house? This is another major mistake to avoid. The windows in your home do not share the same characteristics as your car's windows, which have been repeatedly conditioned using special treatments and even tinted vinyls.

    Here are some key tips to follow:
      · Avoid direct sunlight; the product should not be allowed to dry out before it is removed.
      · When applying the product, use a microfibre cloth. Apply gentle pressure and take your time. Ideally, you should apply small amounts and repeat as many times as necessary until all traces of dirt have been removed.
      · Dry by removing all excess product. By the way, did you know that now there are towels made especially to dry windows without leaving any lint behind?

  8. Nutrition with Nivea. Perhaps you have heard about this, or even tried it... but no, while many people do use the well-known Nivea brand cream because it keeps their skin soft and hydrated, it will not do the same for your car's upholstery.   

    In fact, this is a mistake that over time leads to cracking, drying and even rotting leather surfaces. Today's marketplace offers many great products - a wide variety of waxes, for example - that will nourish your leather upholstery and leave it in pristine condition. You will notice the difference.

  9. The often overlooked. As you finish your cleaning, don't overlook those spots that may be small but really need some attention, such as ashtrays, cup holders and even the nooks and crannies in and between seats. There are many places in your car that can be the source of bad smells. Unless we are thorough, the results will not be the same.

Finally, we at MyCarsFirst would like to remind you that the products we offer are of the highest quality and the most innovative on the market. Their brand name DoctorWax and NANOX products not only leave your car like new, they also ensure it remains fresh and disinfected. All of this will save you money and time in the long run, money you can invest in other ways, like enjoying driving to the fullest.

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