What is NANOX?

The NANOX® product line brings the very latest breakthroughs in nanotechnology to vehicle care and maintenance. Scientifically innovative formulas have been used to build a range of products that work on a molecular level on any surface to clean and protect it.

The technology NANOX® uses stops dirt from sticking by adding a repellent film for exterior vehicle care, while in the interior, the layer created repairs damage at a microscopic level, leaving the materials looking brand new.

This range of products is designed to act on any surface: on the outside for metal finishes, trim, aluminium and chrome, and on materials found in car interiors such vinyl, leather, plastic, fabric and carpeting.

Advantages of the NANOX® product line

  • Cleans and penetrates all surfaces by removing dirt and oil on a microscopic level.
  • Seals and repairs microscopic cracks
  • Protects against discoloration caused by sunlight and everyday wear and tear
  • Repels everyday dirt and residues both outside and inside.


Tire & wheel

Nanotechnology All Wheel Cleaner

Nanox® All Wheel Cleaner is gentle enough for aluminium, chrome and custom wheel rims yet strong to remove dirt, grease and brake dust The specially formulated cling lets your spray on, gently wipe and rinse Removes the toughest brake dust and dirt Safe for all wheel finishes

Nanotechnology Car Wash and Wax

Nanox® Wash and Wax hybrid formula is the first step to a showroom shine. New nanotechnology cleaning agents remove the toughest dirt and grime without stripping wax High suds formula Water spot resistant It safe to use on all painted surfaces, rubber, vinyl and plastic components

Nanotechnology Cleaner Wax

Nanox® Cleaner Wax is the first one-step cleaner and polisher The formula easily removes light scratches and swirl marks and restores your vehicle original luster
Maintenance & repair

Nanotechnology Detail Wax

Nanox® Detail Wax is a revolutionary product for the ultimate showroom shine and protection New isopolymer based waxes provide superior gloss with an ultra slick coating that resists dirt and paint destroying road film Advanced polymers create a two layered approach to treat each surface: The primary layer creates a hardened, protective surface that...
Carpet & upholstery

Nanotechnology Fabric & Carpet Cleaner

Nanox® Fabric and Carpet cleaner effectively removes most food and grease-based stains Stubborn stain remover Pet-friendly Safe for all fabrics
Glass and Headlight

Nanotechnology Glass Treatment

Nanox® Glass Treatment offers clearer visibility in all weather conditions improving driver comfort and safely. Water beading technology repeals rain, sleet and snow Prevents snow, ice an sleet  Improves visibility  Reduces glare
Interior protector

Nanotechnology Interior Protectant

Nanox® Interior Protectant is a non-greasy formula which protects vinyl, rubber and plastic against discoloration and aging. It cleans, renews and restores the natural shine while protecting against UV radiation and oxidation. Non-greasy formula Deep, rich finish UV protection
Leather cleaner & conditioner

Nanotechnology Leather Cleaner & Conditioner

Nanox® Leather Cleaner and Conditioner resulting in a natural, soft finish Nano-polymers penetrate deep into the leather for fade resistance and ultima UV protection In-house & unique Nanotechnology formula Easily to apply Cleans and moisturizes


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