Microfibre cloths: why you should use them to clean your car and how to take care of them

Why is it preferable to use microfibre cloths to clean your car, and what is the best way to clean them so they last longer and in prime condition? At MyCarsFirst, we know how important the right tools can be, especially when you are aiming for the best results, and with microfibre cloths you can't go wrong. Below, we offer a few tips to help you keep them in perfect shape, like the day you first bought them.

Microfibre cloths: the revolution in cleaning

Before we go any further, let's learn more about what microfibre cloth is. Microfibre is an artificial material invented in Japan in the 1970s. This material is composed, typically, of polyester and polyamide. As such, its fibres are especially fine. They are virtually invisible, with a diameter of less than one micron. To give you some idea of how small that is, that is 100 times finer than a human hair, 2 times finer than silk, and 8 times finer than cotton. 

Because these fibres are so fine, microfibre cloths are highly valued by expert hands for cleaning any and all types of surfaces. In fact, they are a must when it comes to the detailing and thorough care of your car. Who wouldn't want to have their vehicle looking as new as the day they bought it? As you will see, microfibre cloths are the dependable allies that help you make that possible. 

The advantages of Microfibre cloths

Thanks to some rather special characteristics, microfibre cloths offer a long list of advantages and benefits: 

  • Microfibre: your great companion. It is ideal for cleaning all types of surfaces, leaving them like new, and, furthermore, it is great at attracting dirt, including dust and all types of contaminants. Also, this type of cloth can absorb liquids better than almost any other.  

  • Lasts a lifetime. Compared with other materials, microfibre lasts and lasts. In fact, it is much more resistant than cotton, and leaves no fuzz or fluff behind. Furthermore, you will rest easier knowing you are protecting the health and well-being of yourself and your loved ones, thanks to its antibacterial properties. It resists tearing -  and it dries super fast!

  • No scratching. You will be happy to know that it is nice and soft to the touch and will not scratch the most delicate parts of your vehicle, including the paint job and plastic components. In fact, it will leave these looking like new, in mint condition.

  • Hundreds of shapes and sizes. Thanks to their great success, microfibre cloths are produced in varying shapes and sizes, including a wide selection of thicknesses and colours to suit everyone's needs. In addition, depending on what you need them for, you can achieve different types of finishes. There is such a great variety of them on the market!

  • The thicker they are, the better they absorb. This seems fairly obvious, but it is something to keep in mind. The thicker the cloth is, the better it absorbs and the longer it stays intact. Here are some actual numbers, to give you a better idea: the thicker cloth tends to be some 500 GSM and can even be a thick as 1200 GSM.

Why use microfibre cloths?

So many different advantages... and so many different uses for all the parts of your vehicle. Here are some of the ways they are most frequently used:

  • Drying. Ideal for drying your vehicle, one of the biggest sellers is the Waffle Weave type, due to its large size and great absorption capacity. 

  • Glass cleaner. These tend also to be Waffle Weave, but the ones for windows and glass surfaces tend to be smaller, making them more comfortable to use. The great thing is that they don't leave any fuzz or fluff behind.

  • Multiuse. These cloths are for cleaning both the interior and exterior of your vehicle. They are super-versatile, removing even left-over wax and polish. They are so good they can even be used without water.

Finally, and to wrap up all the pertinent information you need regarding microfibre cloths, you should know how to clean and take care of them. You can't go wrong if you follow these tips...

  • By hand: in a sink or basin, with warm water, and for best results use a traditional, neutral soap. We recommend the well-known Lagarto type soap in bars or flakes. Carefully rub soapy water into them until stains are gone, and then rinse thoroughly with plenty of water.

  • By machine: it is better not to wash the cloths with other garments that contain materials such as cotton. Always use a neutral liquid soap, and never use fabric softener, in order to avoid caking. Finally, remember: never set the washing machine temperature above 30º C, unless they are exceptionally dirty, in which case you can set the temperature at a maximum of 60º C, provided you use a suitable program for cotton or synthetic fabrics. Our special tip: use the lowest spin program.

And, as for how to dry them, it is best to let them air dry, being careful to avoid the damaging effects of direct sunlight. If you decide to use a clothes dryer, we recommend you use the softest program setting... and you're ready to go!

As you can see, with a bit of care, your microfibre cloths will last you a very long time and will leave every part of your car like new. We bet you're already thinking about getting more than one. 

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